About Us

Spécial du Jour Montréal is a Weekly Meal Delivery Service located in the Mile-End! 

We use Zero-Waste Reusable Glassware to deliver our food, and prepare healthy, creative, delicious and balanced meals, salads, snacks and baked goods!

Our menus are inspired by traditional and seasonal recipes from around the world, and we are known for our comfort foods, salads, curries, and Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, East Asian, Vegan and Vegetarian cuisines. Visit our blog to view previous menus.

Spécial du Jour sources as much Local and Organic Ingredients as possible and we always cook with natural and/or organic meats coming directly from small farms in Québec.

We offer a variety of diets to suit your preferences and needs - Omnivore, Vegetarian, Vegan, and Gluten-free!

Spécial du Jour Mtl also offers cooking and baking workshops for all ages. Click here for upcoming classes.



Pamela Mauro
Owner and Chef
Spécial du Jour Montréal